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3rd generation family owned southern oregon vineyard producing award winning wines


3rd Generation Family-Owned Vineyard

I'd like to introduce the Vineyard Manager Dakota


When I held him, my firstborn son, in my arms on the day of his birth I saw his future life flash forward 18 years. Was the life I wanted for my child, and his brother , yet to be conceived , Daniel? What would the big city, overcrowded and the pressurized, do to them?   Could I get the courage  start a new life , leave the city, and plunge headfirst into the unknown?

" I wanna touch the earth

I wanna break it in my hands

I wanna grow something wild and unruly

I wanna sleep on the hard ground

In the comfort of your arms

Set me free, oh, I pray

Closer to heaven above and closer to you

I wanna look at the horizon

and not see a building standing tall

I wanna be the only one for miles and miles

Except for maybe you and your simple smile"

As Wise King Solomon once said:

"Go drink your wine with a good heart, because already the true God has found pleasure in your works"

Eccles 9:7

Our Story | Tower View Vineyard | Southern Oregon Award Winning Wine


A Whimsical Retreat - A "Tricked Out" Tower in the midst of an Oregon Vineyard Featured on HGTV's "Mighty Tiny Houses"  |  New Years Day 2016

The Towerview Vineyard's "tricked out" Tower is a 400-square foot rustic house that acts in the midst of a Southern Oregon Vineyard. Made of reclaimed wood, pipes and pulleys, it has the feeling of a "wayward pirate ship, floating in the a sea of Syrah vines," according to author Suzanne Mathis McQueen, who wrote about her experiences living here and decorating this tiny house.

Tower View Vineyard Tower Red Syrah southern oregon wine for sale


By the time Dakota turned one. I was journeying northward from California and entered the Rogue Valley discovering the fertile farmlands.  True Story, the day I arrived an electrical storm full of lightning bolts was behind me at the California border and the arch of a brilliant rainbow was before me welcoming us like a doorway to a new life. I, in fact, put out my hand and I stroked the colors of the rainbow, it's colored hues glowing radiantly in the palm of my hand.


This Is the place.


I went door to door searching for and found a bare piece of ground to farm with my two boys, Dakota and Daniel, above Wagner Creek in Talent.


By that time I learned a principle to raise my boys by:

“The only thing that endures over time is the ‘Law of the Farm.’ You must prepare the ground, plant the seed, cultivate, and water if you expect to reap the harvest.”

— Stephen R. Covey

Planting and cultivating a vineyard has been a family project with me and my 2 boys.

I wanted them to learn the law of the farm and the secrets of a successful life. . Along the way we've learned a thing or two about life.


You reap what you sow

 Its  cause and  effect universe.

 The love you make = the love you take.  

What's beautiful is symmetrical

 Learn the value of the day, consistency like the tortoise vs the hare

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

 You can't cheat In life. 

The value of chores, responsibility and accountability 

You can't force a bud to blossom, it knows when.

 When its time for the bud to blossom  it cant be stopped

Growth and character comes through, seasons , struggle and deprivation and resilience 

You either grow or die,  There  is winter but spring is coming

Your life is a fruit of your own doing

Everything that ever happened to  you for good or bad made you what you are today

Quality results from pruning and loss

Life is abundant, resilient and stronger than death

 Grapes turn to wine naturally by an act of God, 

The grape is a self contained perfect package of synergy

Like fruit of the vine , joy and love keep returning abundantly and is not a scarce commodity.

 Wild Grapes are weeds  and resilient  hard to kill. Our roots need to be like them.


Now a quarter century later on the farm,  Dakota is the Vineyard Manager, training his son  

Emmett, the 3rd generation how to laugh, live and love the natural laws of the farm.

Over the years our Syrah grapes have been in many award winning wines produced by  winemaker, Brian Gruber. such as Quady Norths Rosé voted Best of Show at 2018 Oregon Wine Experience winning double gold.

Winemaker Steve Anderson produced Eola hills La Creole Syrah 2008 Reserve

With nuances of Blueberries, cocoa & smoke. Gold Medal Winner & 3-time Silver Medalist.


In 2005  we won a Gold Medal at the Oregon Newport Seafood and Wine Festival in the Ametuer Winemaker competition

Tower View Vineyard is trasitioning to 100% Organic Wine Grapes
Sunset Tower Sillouette background


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